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  • Enlightenment of smart people buying bowls

    A wise man went to a porcelain shop to buy a bowl. He picked up a bowl and touched it gently. As a result, he made a sound of breaking gongs. He picked another one, which was also broken, and more than a dozen of them were like this. He angrily asked the boss that your shop sells broken bowls. The boss looked at it carefully and said slowly that he would replace the bowl you held in your hand and the wise man would do it, I tried the more than ten bowls I had just selected. All of them were clear and melodious, without any defects. I suddenly realized that what I was holding was a broken bowl. There is no lack of such "smart people" in real life. They always wear sunglasses when they look at people and things. They have their own set of laws. They regard the bright as dim and the beautiful as ugly. When they see others talk and do things, they always think that others can't live with themselves. No one can get along with for a long time, because in his philosophy of life, others all have shortcomings, only I am right. This kind of person can't communicate with anyone. If you want to communicate, you can do everything according to me. They live all day in the suspicious, narrow-minded and closed-minded, worried about the soft desire, depressed and troubled. It is often said that "gold is not perfect, and no one is perfect". One's life can not be free from shortcomings or mistakes. The key is how to deal with it. As a philosopher said, "the sorrow of life is not failure, but not knowing who you are." if you blindly believe that you are always right, your shortcomings and mistakes are not noticed, and even regard it as a bowl in the hands of smart people to compare with those around you, Compared to the past, the final result can only be betrayal and become the target of public criticism. Therefore, we should learn the lesson of smart people buying bowls. We should first review ourselves when we are in trouble. We should first find out the reasons from ourselves to see whether what we say and do is wrong, whether it is in line with the laws and regulations of the state, the rules and regulations of enterprises, and the moral standards of the society. I think only in this way can we become a popular person.


  • 有没有类似于豆奶视频的软件: Patience in life

    Like reading, reading can make people wise, reading can point out the direction of life. Reading different pages every day, my heart will be filled with a trace of joy, because I believe: "there is a gold house in the book, there is a beauty in the book." One day, I read a story like this: one day when Dino was walking in the street, she saw an old lady smiling and her old wrinkled face brimming with joy. Under impulse, Dino picked a flower“ You look very happy this morning Said Dino“ Why not? Everything is so beautiful. " The old lady was quite shabby and looked weak. So her answer surprised Dino“ You can take care of your troubles“ When Jesus was crucified on Friday, it was the worst day in the world, but three days later it was Easter. So when I was in trouble, I learned to wait three days. Everything is back to normal. " Then the old lady said goodbye with a smile. From then on, when Dino was in trouble, the old lady's words rang in her ears: "wait three days." From Dino's story, I think of Franklin once said: "a patient man has no future, but a disadvantage." Patience requires special courage; Put your heart and soul into an ideal or goal and persevere to the end. Have the courage to change what you can change, be willing to accept what you can't change, and judge wisely whether you have the ability to change. Therefore, the more determined you are to pursue your goals in life, the more patient you will be to overcome obstacles. The so-called patience refers to dynamic rather than static, active rather than passive. It is a positive force that dominates the destiny, rather than yielding to the environment. This power is inexhaustible in our hearts, but it must be strictly controlled and guided, with an almost inconceivable persistence, and committed to the set goals. With a firm direction in life, we can improve our tolerance for setbacks. We need to know that the goal is getting closer. These are only temporary delays. If we can face the difficulties positively, the problems can be solved easily. By waiting patiently and waiting for opportunities, we can succeed in the unexpected. Opportunity is a fleeting thing, and it is not easy to produce it. Therefore, it is impossible for everyone to seize the opportunity at any time. And when the opportunity has not come, the best way is: wait, wait, wait. Prepare for the opportunity while you wait. Once the opportunity appears in front of you, do not hesitate, seize it, you are the winner. It's a good idea to wait patiently, but patience is never doing nothing. In the United States, many entrepreneurs are deeply aware of its importance, and they are extremely patient. They know that waiting can make them achieve unexpected success. Rockefeller is such a patient success, he with his unique American habits, waiting for the opportunity to appear, and once the opportunity appears, he will not hesitate, quickly seize it, so as to achieve unexpected success. The way to cultivate patience is very simple. As long as you set your goal in life, focus on your goal, and your heart is full of strong intentions, then all your thoughts, actions and thoughts will move in that direction. Endurance is part of your health, and no matter what happens, you must have the ability to stick to the end of the job. Endurance is a symbol of good health and energy, and it is also a personal quality that you need to develop into a leader of others and to gain excellent control. In fact, endurance is closely related to courage. It is the ability to persist in the end when things are really difficult. It is the ability to run several kilometers and sprint 100 meters. Endurance can also be considered as the endurance that needs to endure pain, fatigue, hardship, and embodied in physical and mental endurance. Endurance is your ability to work effectively for a long time under extremely hard mental and physical pressure. Endurance is the extra effort that you need to pay for a long time. It's a time to breathe, and it's an important personal quality that you need to develop in order to be able to manage people excellently. Sometimes you don't need to be physically as tolerant as some people at work. However, no matter whether you show it or not, the work still needs to persist. No matter what obstacles and difficulties you encounter, you need to carry it out successfully. In a word, patience is a rare quality. In the long river of life, as long as you set your life goal, and at the same time, you will be successful in the near future!!!


  • General Factory Information

    Time flies like an arrow, time flies by like a flash of time. In a flash, a month has passed, which means that I have left the University for a month, and I have been practicing on my job for a month. Through what I have seen and heard this month, I feel quite a lot. I vaguely remember the first time I came to the general plant. At that time, some factories were not built, but director Duan still walked on the muddy road, regardless of the difficult conditions, and led us to understand each workshop, and made a brief introduction to the main products of the company. On the day I reported for duty, it was just after the heavy rain, and the sky was still drizzling. However, the office staff took the trouble to copy all kinds of certificates for me, go through the procedures for entering the factory, and took me to the manager to arrange the relevant work. A master Wang warmly took me to the garage to arrange the relevant work. Finally, I was assigned to an air-conditioned dormitory, which is undoubtedly a cool under the scorching sun. Director Duan was afraid that we would be idle and boring at night, so he specially arranged for us to watch TV. I can not hide the excitement in my heart, how small details, how meticulous care, not only to arrange our work so reasonable, but also to consider our life so thoughtful. I was deeply moved by the humanistic care of the general plant. I decided to quickly integrate into the new environment and contribute to the development of the plant. During one month of internship in the expansion joint workshop, I learned various types of section steel and clearly understood the processing process of bridge expansion device, from the measurement and adjustment of section steel to the preparation of anchor bar, anchor plate and displacement box and their assembly welding, and then to rust removal, painting, quality inspection and warehousing, which is a complete production process. In addition, I also learned to audit the warehouse in and out of the original data, such as the acceptance sheet, the collection and collation of account books, and can accurately calculate the consumption of various steel materials. This month's internship has made me have a certain understanding of the operation of the expansion joint workshop. Although the work here is not in line with my major, I have learned a lot of knowledge that is not professional, which broadens my vision, increases my knowledge and enriches the knowledge outside the specialty. In this month's work, the workshop directors, statistics and workers' masters have helped me a lot. They patiently told me what I didn't understand, and they took the trouble to answer many of my questions one by one. I am very grateful to them. They are the first batch of good teachers and helpful friends on my working road. They have taught me a lot of things, and I have benefited a lot, It has laid a solid foundation for my future work. After a month of internship, I completed the gorgeous transformation from college students to social people, from consumers to producers. It doesn't matter if you are late for class; I'm hungry at noon. It's normal to run to eat in advance. However, in the company, there are strict rules and regulations. You can't be late for work and leave early, and you can't do anything irrelevant to your work during working hours. These must be observed unconditionally. In this month, I went to and from work on time every day, formed good habits, and now do things in an orderly manner. In fact, when I first came to the workshop, I was a little dissatisfied, and the proud self-esteem of college students was seriously hit. But after staying in the workshop for a month, my edges and corners were gradually smoothed, and I also understood the hard work of the leaders. Through the contact with front-line workers, I was already familiar with the specific production process of products and the calculation and collation of relevant data. Lower the mentality, start from the grass-roots, only such people can finally climb the top of the purple mountain, and only by laying a solid foundation can they stand higher and go further.


  • 有没有类似于豆奶视频的软件: Technology and talent


  • Personality decides destiny, ideal influences result

    The proposition of this article is a sentence I read from a novel, which I quite appreciate and agree with. I share it with you specially for the title.


  • 有没有类似于豆奶视频的软件: Harmony in sweet and sour

    The current sound of harmony can be said to cover the industry, social development to promote harmony, enterprise management to speak of harmony, interpersonal communication theory of harmony. When it comes to harmony, people can't help but think of many ancient sages' stories. The most interesting one is Yanzi, who uses humorous metaphor to express the profound connotation of harmony. Once Qi Jinggong asked Yanzi, "Aiqing, I heard that Confucius said to his students," gentlemen are harmonious but different, villains are the same but not the same. "What is the meaning of this Yanzi said: "the so-called" harmony "means that the king is sweet and the minister is sour, and the king is light and the minister is salty." If the monarch is sweet, then the minister should be sour; If the monarch is light, then the minister should be salty. If the monarch is sweet, the minister is sweet, and the whole dynasty is civil and military, the country will not be creative, and will make the world lazy and opportunistic. The Duke of Qi Jing asked again, "how can you be regarded as sweet and sour in government?" Yanzi replied, "Jiang Taigong said," if a king is a commander-in-chief, he must have a minister who will become a powerful God. " Shun had the wood of slander, and Yao had the drum of remonstrance. Emperor Yao set up a big drum in the hall. Anyone who wants to give his opinions will come out to listen to different opinions as long as the drum on the hall is sounded. When there are different opinions in the decision-making of the government, the emperor will be sweet and the minister will be sour. " After Liu Bang of the Western Han Dynasty gained the world, when summing up the successful experience, he said: "in my husband's strategical strategy, the decisive victory is thousands of miles away, I'm not as good as the ovary."; The town and the country, to the people, to pay, endless food Road, I better than Xiao He; With millions of troops, we must win in battle and take in attack. We are not as good as Han Xin. " Because of this, Liu Bang made up for his lack of ability. Such a structure of monarchy and minister was the main reason why he defeated Xiang Yu. But Xiang Yu had only one fan Zeng's idea, but he didn't know how to cherish it. As a result, he could only bid farewell to his concubine. From this point of view, we should not only listen to different opinions, but also pay attention to the collocation of talents' abilities to form a complementary pattern. After taking office, John Adams, the second president of the United States, retained the original staff of the cabinet officials of the former President Washington government. As a result, Adams always lacked communication and understanding in exercising his presidential functions and powers, resulting in inefficiency. The later US President learned from Adams's lesson and paid special attention to the collocation and adjustment of the team strength when the head of government formed the cabinet. As a result, the efficiency was very high and the cooperation was good. It can be said that Jun Tian Chen Suan is the cultural choice of all mankind at all times and in all countries. The development, change, progress and renewal of things are realized through mutual dependence and supplement in the process of mutual contradiction, communication, communication and conflict. It is precisely because of these contradictions and communication, conflicts and exchanges that harmony can be truly achieved.


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